Groom interrupts vows and asks bride to turn around – she did not see this coming!

A wedding is always something special and stirs up a lot of emotions. Choosing a wedding dress, selecting the wedding location, invitations, wedding rings, guests and everything else that contributes to the big day can be very exciting. Also, the day itself is usually full of surprises.

When Ollie and Liz got engaged, Ollie knew he wanted to surprise his future wife at their wedding. Throughout the years, she had done so much for him and had loved him unconditionally. He, too, loved her dearly and therefore wanted to let her know again on the big day.

And so Ollie started planning to give Liz the surprise of her life. For weeks he thought about it. Until one day he came up with an idea and knew what he wanted to do for her…

What was it? …

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